Pinch Bag Sealer
Horizontal Flow Wrapper for Sandwiches
Hayseen Ultima VFFS for Poly Film
Automated Packaging H100 & HS100 Baggers,
  Printers and Counters
Band Sealers
Blister Sealers: 
Alloyd 4SCBE and 6 SCBE
Visual DS-4 and DS-6
2 Station Blister Sealers
Arpac Tray Wrapper with & without
  Print Registration
Shanklin B2BB
Belcor 505 with Taper
Carton Tapers:
Loveshaw/Padlocker PST350 Large Frame
3M 700RKS - 3" Tapehead
Little David LD-7 - 2" & 3" Tapehead
15-20" wide Cleated Belt w/12' Discharge height
Die Cutters:
Clicker Die Cutter
Pass Thru Die Cutter
1.75" x 2.625" Label Applicator for Cereal Boxes
  50/60 ppm
 Inkjet Printer 1 1/2" high Characters
Shrink Wrappers:
Shanklin Models A-26, A-27, F-1, F-5, HS-1, HS-3, M-22
Heat tunnels
Weldotron 1602
Black Body Shrink Wrapper
Shrink Sleeve Applicator 2.625" x .875" Diameter
Shrink Sleeve Applicator 3.625" x .875" Diameter
Skin Packers:
18" x 24"
Stream Feeder:
Longford C700 Feeders
Stream Feeder 1250
Stretch Wrappers:
Basic Spiral
24" x 30" Single Station
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